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It is simply information- it is not for me to determine the validity of either Dr Sha's information, or those who purport to have had dealings with him. I have simply conveyed information already out there, which turned up with a very quick google search, and which may suggest that due caution be exercised before committing oneself to his doctrine and hypnotic chants.

I personally see nothing amiss in doing a bit of research into someone's background, character, and philosophy before I'm ready to tout them as the new messiah. Perhaps it is a smear campaign, as you say. It is enough to make me exercise some caution, however. Anyone who's on this forum knows the importance of checking out someone's credentials, or they should do. I can't answer as to whether his organisation is being targeted by the Chinese govt- he seems to be doing quite nicely financially, however. All I can say is that I trust my own inner guidance when it comes to things like this- and others must do the same.

At least both sides have now been presented, and what people make of that information is entirely up to them. It's not like I was looking to discredit the guy, quite the contrary.

People can do their own research if they're interested in becoming a follower of Dr Sha. On balance, I'll probably give it a miss.

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