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You know I don't agree with you on the other subject, but this, I agree with you. Thank you fur a beautiful post.
But on a side note, it is good to combine the two notions and use them in accordance.

Face it without computers you would not be here posting this stuff, communicating to everyone what you have to say.
Pint point accurate laser guided machines may save your live in a surgery say on your brain. Say you got hit by something that squashed your cranium and only a very fine machinery can repair the damage to your brain.

Then there is this notion where all the people in today's world are living like programed robots, that is also true.
Tec is not evil, extreme tec is evil when it is abused.

What is it not bad when abused, even a fruit from nature can kill you if you eat too much of it, just like Vitamin C if you take too much of it.
Nothing is healthy on extremities.

When it comes to medicated drugs I must say they are the worst thing ever. They will trash you so I must agree on this line.

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