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Originally Posted by vic mackey View Post
Hi can other varieties of chilli pepper be used or does it have to be cayenne?
As far as i know just cayenne and good organic stuff. I take 1/2 straight into my mouth, its a rush as i feel it enlivening, energising and warming my whole body. If this to much mix with water.

Just found this

Cayenne Powder

A special blend of California, Florida and Mexican Habanero Peppers, African Birdeye Peppers, Chinese Hot Reds, Korean Aji, Thai Red, Japanese Red, California Jalapeno's and Serrano's.

This formula is a serious blend of the hottest cayenne peppers in the world. The peppers I use range in heat units from 90,000 to 575,000. You read it right, 575,000! No one else uses peppers in this heat range, if they could even find them. When I mix it I have to wear a special gas mask I bought from the German Special Forces. I am NOT kidding.
Therapeutic Action:

The benefits of daily cayenne usage are widely known. It is the greatest circulation stimulant known.

CAUTION, start with only a small amount! Do not encapsulate. Put a small amount in a little juice, stir and chug. Work your way up in dosage slowly. 1/8 to 1/2 teaspoon 2 to 4 times daily.

************************************************** **************************8
Curing With Cayenne

"If you master only one herb in your life, master cayenne pepper. It is more powerful than any other."

- Dr. Richard SCHULZE, Medical Herbalist

If you are like most people who use herbs, you are a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none.

You know a little bit about a lot of herbs. What you know comes from the labels of herb bottles, or from the advice of healthfood store herbalists who write lots of books, but who never had real patients themselves.

When bad disease hits, all your herbal tidbits won't save you, and you'll be heading down the medical route, just like everyone else. Herbs can cure serious, scary diseases, but not by taking a capsule here and there. You need to know dosages, what forms of the herb, how to apply them, in what combinations, and when.

If you want to become a powerful healer for yourself and your family, master one herb...cayenne pepper. Knowing cayenne deeply will give you and your family more cures than dabbling in twenty herbs.

Learn cayenne deeply before you go on to anything else.

Life is like karate. If you smash a brick with your hand, you will accomplish nothing and bruise yourself. But if you mentally focus your energy, then you can achieve what seems impossible.

Focus. Don't scatter your energy. Being a good nutritional conversationalist won't save you from many of the diseases in this book. To cure yourself, you will need a detailed knowledge of cayenne.

Put the time in. Study this book. Practice now, so that when the emergencies come, you will act by reflex and not panic.

Students always ask Dr. Schultz, "What are the ten most important herbs to have in the home?" He tells them, "At the top of the list is cayenne pepper, because it will make the other nine work better."

I began by asking Dr. SCHULZE......

Dr Richard Schulze is the man. He is well worth researching. He has often got into trouble with the AMA for curing incurable diseases with megadoses of herbs. He has also been raided by the FBI or CIA cant remember which. They try to shut him up but he won't stop.

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