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Originally Posted by ftil View Post
Oh, come on. After all, Teilhard de Chardin is called the Father of New Age with his vision of the Omega Point in the future. I guess you didn’t read that much about Jesuits......... if you consider taking his theory seriously
I hope he didn't promote the usual New Age selfless doctrine where self-sacrifice is supposed to be something to strive for. I agree with Alex Jones who says that the propaganda about how we need to save the Earth by doing sacrifices is bad. He even mentioned, I don't know if he was kidding or not, that some scientists had suggested that people should be stunted in their growth so that they don't consume so much resources, lol. Absolutely nightmarish Orwellian stuff.

Being selfish is good. Of course, selfishness in the wrong way can become bad but having selfishness as a foundation is healthy. Otherwise, with selflessness there is a disregard of the self and that's bad duality consciousness. And really good selfishness is when it is expanded to include everybody and everything, when other people are a part of one's own self-interest. That's unity consciousness.
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