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Even though worrying thoughts are in the person they are actually a result of society, because it's the external environment that programs the brain of the individual.

So, worrying thoughts are a result of a worrying society. And the society is worried because it's a result of duality thinking!

AND, the worry is NOT justified based on facts. Why? Because evolution is an inexorable process as Ray Kurzweil has said, with accelerating progress. I don't understand how Alex Jones can say that Kurzweil is a New World Order globalist. I don't agree with that. I'm a huge fan of Kurzweil.

Here is one example if the immensely powerful process of evolution:

If society crashes or breaks down in places it only means that something new and more powerful will emerge. So overall we can be fully optimistic about the universal process being able to deal with things through creation rather than destruction.

And when we align ourselves with the universal principle instead of the currently neurotic society we will rise ABOVE that oppressive 'Matrix'. Yay!
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