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Originally Posted by lighthouse View Post
Imagine you live in a field enclosed with fences,
like a horse on his meadow.
And on that meadow you can run, sleep, eat, shit,
and even sometimes there is some other horses with you there.
If you are well trained, you can do all kind of stuff
on that fenced meadow, maybe some people will come to watch
you jump obstacles and gallop around.
You are great as you can be. On that meadow.

Nevertheless, from the first time you were put in that space,
the first thing that came to your mind was to jump the fence.
You sure have the skills, you are a horse, for gods sake!
But what then says Ego Horse?
Who will feed me, what will happen, is the grass greener
or is there no grass, will the wolves eat me..?

And you stay where you are. Every day you fight with your urge
to jump over, until it's unbareable for you.
Meadow looks like an orchestrated prison with nice life conditions,
but you can't stand them either.
One day gate on one side of the fence opens,
you are put next to another horse to draw a carriage.
You know you gonna see over the fence, you gonna feel that outside
world under your own hoofs,
there is a horse next to you who has done it many times,
but you resist, you kick and bite untill you are left alone.
Gate closes, carriage leaves.

You are convinced how well you worked that one out,
(although somewhere deep inside it feels like been burried alive)
after all, you are nobody's slave, you don't draw carriages for anyone!
What you don't know that the one holding the reins is your Infinite Horse ,
he made it even easier for you, you just had to listen,
you didn't have to jump and run away,
he even gave you a companion so you wouldn't be so scared alone
outside the fence.
But only thing your Ego could see is that it has to draw a carriage.

That's how the devilry goes
Excellent lighthouse!
The belief that society exists has sabotaged every effort to change mankind. It is the reason why revolutions have failed. It is about a totally different revolution: the revolution in the heart of the individual.
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