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On with the 88 headlines.

December 9 becomes 129. 129 is important for its prime factorization of 3*43. 343 is an important number because 7x7x7 = 343.

The time should be easy, 10:11 becomes 111.

So let's look at the date. Aug 29 becomes 829. The 829th prime number is 145. 145 is the duo value of 197, the 45th prime (for the 45th President).

Again, the media knows something about this number 88. Let's decode that entire headline:

First I'll not include the 88 in the calculation:

145 is the octal value of 101, this is both 11 and a God number. 101 is the 26th prime number and God = 26. 145 is also 101 in duo. 145 is the duo of 197, the 45th prime (for the 45th President).

337 is the octal value of 223.
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