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Let's start with the headline:

Our old buddy 156, the 156th prime number is 911, a reflection of Donald's 119.

116 is vertical reflection of Donald's 119.

142 is the hex value of 322.

821 is the 142nd prime number, 142 is the hex value of 322.

Note in this article it is day 88, he is with the Easter Bunny, during the White House Easter Egg Roll, on the South Lawn, of the White House in Washington (thanks for clarifying the location of the White House!)

Practically everything in that pic is coded, and this is a perfect little example to start with as it will demonstrate several of their methods.

Notice they highlight phrase via capitalization, this is a common thing they do (they can use quotes, underlines, different colors, whenever you see highlighted text, decode it)

The 45th president with the Easter Bunny speaks from the

51 in hex is 33

211 is the octal of 137, the 33rd prime and 211 itself is the 47th prime.

967 is the 163rd prime, 163 is the octal of 115 a reflected number of Saturn.
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