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Before we continue I must teach you about 113, a very important number. A very revealing number. 113 is the number of deceit, it comes from the Talmud, Baba Kamma 113a where it states that a Jew is allowed to LIE to a gentile. These numbers can always be traced back to religious texts from where they derive their meaning.

Look at this list of 113 words:

But most importantly of all:

Making 113 not just the number of deceit but mainstream deceit. Now when you see something like this:

You will understand what they are saying.

So, a brief overview, remember these numbers:

33 and 137 are two staple numbers of Freemasonry due to their thirty three degrees and 137 is the 33rd prime number.
47 and 74 are numbers of government and authority.
133 = same as above but is the President number as well as the Zionist number.
322/223 numbers of secret government and secret authority as well as Zionism
42 is a number of Saturn that matches Freemason and President (Presidents are Saturn worshiping Freemasons)
93/119/88/511 These are the primary numbers of Saturn (including 42). The 511 is reflected 115 syncing with Trumps 115th congress.
47/77/777/88/888/119 These are Trumps numbers that overlap with Saturn and Zionist (77 twice and 223 as well as 42 for Zionist, they work with the Freemasons). 777 is more a a religious number for the Jews/occultists then specifically a Trump number, it's more like the number of Occult/Jewish Presidency.
110 is duo of 156 and in octal 110 is 156, the 156th prime is 911. 110 is also 11 the first master number.
111 in duo is 93, the number of Saturn. 111 stylistically is also yod yod yod (666, think of the Monster energy drink logo). Also recall the Fallout games, vault 101, vault 111. Bethesda do like their occult number release dates (11/11/11 for Skyrim).
113 is the number of mainstream deceit.

Copy and paste these numbers into notepad, so you can read the thread with them available for easy reference.

Now let's start decoding the Trump media coverage.

We saw some strange things being reported about Trump such as this:

Never mind the obvious 33 (Obama said he congratulated Trump at 3:30, and Trump Tower was 33 years old when he was elected) but why report him as the 133rd richest man?

So it's obvious 133 is important to them, this was before the (s)election, here is what we were being told:

Also note the time: 1:36, 136 in hexadecimal is 88.
The heights of great men reached and kept, Were not attained by sudden flight.
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