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OK, I'm gonna split up the post into tiny pieces, here goes.

The Trump (s)election!

I believe I'm about to conclusively prove that Donald Trump ran his election campaign by the numbers of Saturn in compliance with the media, thereby proving that Trump was selected to be the president in a fake election that was basically a scripted movie we were fooled into believing. And that those doing it are occultists. (Specifically they are Freemasons/Zionist/Jesuits and other orders such as skull and bones).

This Zachary Hubbards work mixed in with my own. Any text in quotes are taken directly from his blog.

I'll start with a little primer on 47 and 74. Showing how they are the numbers of authority and government (the Freemasons). Then I'll show how these numbers are coded into the show House of Cards (demonstrating the creators of the show know and use gematria). The show is also coded with Trumps numbers (indicating it is predictive programming, and that the creators knew Trump would be the next president), which will then lead us right into Trumps campaign and it's media coverage.

Think of Freemasons' 47th problem of Euclid, about how to eastablish foundation.

Independence Day is on 4/7 (which in most of the world is written 7/4).

"By the way, who likes to play God and goes around with a big G?"

The Freemasonic compass is open 47 degrees. The square is 90 degrees, combined we get 137, the 33rd prime. (Authority also sums to 137). At the top of the compass is the polestar which sums to 47 too.

Before I move on, I want to be clear about what I'm saying. I do not subscribe to the Judaic belief of gematria, that god made these words and numbers the way they are, that god categorizes all words perfectly by number or that 47 and 74 really truly are numbers of authority and government. I'm saying that people with this belief have had a long time to nudge the development of language in this direction, and that they operate based on this belief, leaving their numerical fingerprints over their works.
All rulers throughout history, everywhere on the planet were all steeped in the occult. And certainly America, since it's very beginning was built by Freemasons practicing Jewish mysticism.

I'm not saying this is the work of god, but the work of men.
The heights of great men reached and kept, Were not attained by sudden flight.
But they, while their companions slept, Were toiling upwards in the night.
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