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Originally Posted by jake_ball View Post
Which result (Scottish Referendum, or EU Referendum) ? Anyway, no matter what result they dont like, THAT'S DEMOCRACY! Are you telling me that they dont like democracy ?
It's also democratic for them to vote on the issue now that the circumstances have dramatically changed. They have never voted on whether to not to stay in a UK that is not in the EU.

You mentioned "little dictators", but if anything it's dictatorial to deny them that right.

Originally Posted by jake_ball View Post
Right now ? yes.
In what way?
The "truth movement" is a psy-op to stage the Apocalypse:
Manufactured Problem: the Liberal/Islamic "Anti-Christ" NWO - Multiculturalism & Internationalism
Fake Solution: the Theocratic "Christian Patriot" NWO - Nationalism & Imperialism

=Thesis & Anti-Thesis: Don't pick a side!! Don't fall for it!!

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