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Originally Posted by Irishbrexit View Post
I see the ability of people on this forum to debate is extremely limited.

All this idiot can do is resort to personal abuse.

You say ..... we are on the DI forum.......well, mate it might come as a surprise to you that it was thanks to Icke's work, i.e the Biggest Secret that I discovered how the Elite created this UK union under the ownership of one of it's reptile Queens.

Also being Irish, hundreds of thousands of us were murdered and killed by the Elite in their quest to form this reptilian UK union.

As for different opinions, Icke seems very definite in his opinion about this issue. If you don't agree maybe you should take it up with him?

Last question: does anybody at all on this forum bother to debate and discuss?? or is it all just personal abuse............or ' we don't have any view in case it might upset somebody?
I believe I have not abused or insulted you in any way.

I suspect we may have some common ground, but also some differences of opinion. I'm interested to understand your point of view.

I'd still like to know which way you (would have) voted in the referendum, and why.

I'd also like to understand better why you appear to think that a vote to Leave is the same as a vote for the Windsor Reptiles.
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