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Originally Posted by Irishbrexit View Post
Jesus Christ, mate look at my user name!! do you think I would have voted.

My point is what is the point of destroying the Elite's EU creation........if you then stop and fully support and do nothing about trying to get rid of it's other evil creation ........ the Uk union, created and owned by one of it's main reptilian Royal families
Originally Posted by jake_ball View Post
That's right. I remember when I was new to all this stuff when I joined the forum in 2007.
I agree with David in that tptb seek a perpetual low vibe world ,, ie anger, hate, divide and rule, stress, financial hardship etc,,,

It's a normal reaction to get angry imo (this is how they exploit human energy). But people can do so much more than get angry and play their game of control.
"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." - Albert Einstein
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