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Originally Posted by Irishbrexit View Post
You're clearly lost............sadly like lots of Brexiters I met in England over the past few weeks.

They rightly rant about the Elite and their evil EU creation.....but then they believes that the UK is a free, Elite- free country!!!

Tell them to read a few david Icke books to get at the real truth........ and to discover the real truth that the UK was created and designed by the very same scum Elite........they look on you with ignorance and even anger. And in some cases, potential violence.

It is sad to say .......but most people who voted Brexit are, it seems as ignorant as most of the mass public.

This poster is a good example.

A firm supporter of the Uk ............and yet can't tell us why?
The ptb need to break up the UK.
Divide and Conquer.
Simple as that.
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