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Originally Posted by wakeup2nwo View Post
Seans gone now so maybe you might have more look with whoever has taken his role?

No we're not here permanent yet! We have decided to go back to the UK at the end of October and stay with parents while i earn some money and then come back here to Bulgaria in march and do the same for the next few years. Hopefully after a few years the house will be fully renovated and we will be fluent in the language and can find some work here or im going to start a business from the house.

We also have our first child on its way due in January
Good news on the new nipper BTW, and if you ever want a highly skilled teacher of skills and trades, I am willing to lend a hand in any way I can to get your viable program/business going.

Today there are many people looking for good alternatives where skills can come into line for making savings and the need for retail therapy in order of surviving, skills is the surest way to do this as I know your aware.

When I say skills, I mean real life skills, not hobbies for those who think in terms of a holiday, I mean a working holiday where the benefits emerge almost immediately in what is produced.

Pm me for finer details of how it can all be done.
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