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Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
Never truer words spoken, practice makes perfect.

Now is the time of year to lean how to adapt and have fun doing it.

My top ten for this years courses.

First is how to make a bow and arrows and string from out of the wild.

Second is finding natural cures for common ailments using the culpepper guide.

Third is making bronze tools and making a charcoal furness for melting copper and other ores.

Fourth is making eel and other fish traps for both bait and main species, night lines, underwater traps.

Fifth is how to build a mini stove from recycled tin cans and old nuts and bolts.

Sixth is how to catch live game and train your dog to catch them and domesticate what you capture.

Seventh is learning how to use nature as your early warning signs in a defensive situation.

Eight is learning how to make emergency footware and clothing from the wild and tanning of the materials.

Nine is making traps and using live bait from imprinted wildlife.

Tenth is learning how to make the system work for you and not the other way around.
Now called "Super Glue".
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