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aside from walmart, i know in australia they are already microchipping mental patients and anyone who is injected with the substance 'acuphase' a powerful antipsychotic.

someone needs to get a hold of the needles they use and an engineer or someone needs to examine them with a microscope

it's happening

i got a jab of that shit and i almost stopped breathing, and ever since then there has been a morse code electronic beeping in my right ear, that i can hear at night when i try to sleep or when i put my finger over my right ear

i asked my health worker about the beeping in my ear and she told me to 'get my hearing checked', it was insulting, as there is nothing wrong with my hearing.

on top of the above i can no longer, At all, think using my own voice inside my soul and mind, and when i get close to imagining my voice like i used to all the time before the beeping, i am spoken over (inside my own mind) by voices which also match up with the beeping

i think the chip shuts down your internal vocal ability and then tries to manipulate you using voices that if you were ill you might mistake for your own mind

whatever it is, the beeping in my ear is far too obvious a symptom of something evil afoot.

present day australia mind you, it's just that not everyone needs to have a powerful anti-psychotic used on them, so if there is a chip inside that needle, only so called 'degenerates' are going to get the injection

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