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Post compound words

Compound words, like postbox, are very common in the English language.

They are much more common however in German.

There's nothing modern about the word son. Surprise, surprise it's origin is Germanic.
son (n.)
Old English sunu "son, descendant," from Proto-Germanic *sunuz (source also of Old Saxon and Old Frisian sunu, Old Norse sonr, Danish søn, Swedish son, Middle Dutch sone, Dutch zoon, Old High German sunu, German Sohn, Gothic sunus "son"). The Germanic words are from PIE *su(e)-nu- "son" (source also of Sanskrit sunus, Greek huios, Avestan hunush, Armenian ustr, Lithuanian s?nus, Old Church Slavonic synu, Russian and Polish syn "son"), a derived noun from root *seue- (1) "to give birth" (source also of Sanskrit sauti "gives birth," Old Irish suth "birth, offspring").
Which nicely connects the term "sun of god" - something we all follow, that influences our activity, that we may even worship (to some extent).
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