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Arrow son of god

The previous seems like a fantastical tale that plays to our imaginations, perhaps it's a massive distraction, but like all legends there's probably some grain of truth there. What if some Daughters of the Empire did run away or were exiled beyond its reaches? What if the partners they chose, based on their natural physicality rather than social standing, resulted in more physically powerful offspring (over several generations)? What if Magog was a female leader of the giant race?

Modern society refers to someone born out of wedlock as "illegitimate". This seems to be a kind of shaming population control social construct. What if someone important comes from outside this system though, who doesn't know their Father's name? Maybe it's a secret or perhaps even unpronounceable or they just don't have a marriage concept? You can't just call them a bastard, they're too important. Maybe you'd use "son of god" as a respectful placeholder?

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