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Post sons of gog

There's a legend that before the Roman's came, Albion was ruled by Giants. The SW peninsular was ruled by Gogmagog or possibly Gog and Magog (female?) There are differing versions of the legend, but Brutus of Troy was said to have pitted his best warrior Corineus against him in a kind of gladiatorial wrestling match. The result was that Gog died falling from the cliff, but some say he beat Corineus fairly, broke his ribs and disabled him from continuing, but refused to kill him. Roman custom is said to of been that the victor either kills or spares the loser according to the Emperors wishes, but it seems he wouldn't be told what to do and so was either forced over the cliff by armed soldiers or did a Thelma & Louise.

The Masons version is that Diocletian (possibly a Roman cavalry commander or a Greece or Syrian King?) had daughters, the eldest called Alba, that he arranged marriages for. They weren't happy though and under her leadership killed their husbands. They were then set adrift for the crime and ended up at the windswept shores of Albion. Here their progeny included Gog and Magog.

Could it be that the "sons of God that came in unto the daughters of men" were actually the sons of Gog?
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