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Originally Posted by fudgetusk View Post
Icke wants us to chill out and laugh in the face of danger so that we don't provide yet more negative emotions for the elite to devour yet he also wants us to dream into being a better world, which must include us being angry at the way things are now.

Seems like a paradox to me.
More than in just that way. On the one hand, "energy flows to a point of attention" and on the other hand, the act of informing people of the problem is pouring more energy into the problem, which speeds up the manifestation.

Add that the message of consciousness and awareness is being largely recieved as "Oh, I'm gonna get my superpowers tomorrow so I don't have to do anything about it today," ...we've got a paradox that's bloody dangerous unless people snap out of the idea that they're gonna turn into John De Lancie's Q tomorrow.

"Prophecy" or "prediction," - doesn't matter who's it is, it's a form of magick that will bring about a manifestation of some kind if it is a) possible and b) enough of you believe it will happen.

In understanding the "how and why" about so much of this, I can only let others figure it out for themselves for telling them will only make them run further away from understanding.
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