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Originally Posted by chattanova View Post

This gave me the shills! One of my favorite reads, the authors take you through a lot of personal investigated cases.

Highly recommended but very hard to find.
The EVP recording from the trailer White Noise that is attributed to a woman named Ruth Baxter who died in 1987, is supposedly a recording from Point Lookout, a "haunted" lighthouse in Maryland, made by an EVP researcher named Sarah Estep. The lighthouse was used as a hospital during the Civil War and some interpretations of the recording believe it to say, "I was seeing the war," or "I was seeing the water."

For the fact is that EVP do exist and can be picked up on a radio, tape-recorder, answering machine or television without too much trouble...

"Hanging on the Telephone" is a song written by Jack Lee and first performed by The Nerves...and features on the blondie album Parallel Lines.
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