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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
No one needs to use Photoshop. Sticking a bit of paper to a window is all it takes.

(I'd post my own photo, but I can't find a way of just posting one without using Photobucket, which then includes all sorts of metadata with the image!)

There are also ways of detecting images that have been photoshopped and also calculating the size and distance of objects by other objects captured in such images and used as reference frames on size and distance of the object in question. Then there is a process of determining the heat source of an object too.

And of course we have witness testimonies and witnesses outside of those who take images. And then there is the credibility of the individuals capturing such images too.
"What if the alien encounter phenomenon were subtle in the sense that it may manifest in the physical world but derives from a source which by its very nature could not provide the kind of hard evidence that would satisfy skeptics for whom reality is limited to the material? What if we were to acknowledge that the phenomenon is beyond our present framework of knowledge?"- Dr John Mack.

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