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Originally Posted by chandrakavi View Post
Absolutely right! no one has the copyright on the ultimate truth, specially
if it has not been proven in any way! we can give it the benefit of the doubt at least ,and have an open mind about it.

Yes indeed. I ask people just to be introspective for a moment and ask themselves exactly how they came about the information that the world is a solid sphere? The answer I give is this: I've seen it on maps and in school atlases, on TV pictures supposedly filmed in space. I've never seen the solidity and spherical propeties of the Earth itself. I've been deep below ground in a Welsh slate mine, but how do I know that the solid rock under my feet went down all the way to the Earth's core? I've flown at 40,000 in an aeroplane, but the Earth looked just as flat from up there as it does from the surface. If I were to claim that the Earth is a solid sphere then I would be basing my claim on no direct experience at all. I would be basing it on the convention viewpoint that I've absorbed since my birth; what I've been told by teachers and parents and peers that hold that viewpoint on the very same ground: because that's what they've absorbed. The "It just is" and "That's just the way things are" factor.
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