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Originally Posted by chandrakavi View Post
David Icke states in THE BIGGEST SECRET, that many years ago many people seriously believed ,AND OTHERS STILL DO, that the earth IS Hollow(also see in youtube THE HOLLOW EARTH.) The Nazis, the writer Jules Verne(iniate of of the secret society with Connections to order of teh godlen dawn and others. it is said the earth has entrances at the poles saying a base was established in the Antartica, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, who flew there with his entire USA crew,
David icke recommends reading the book THE HOLLOW EARTH by Dr. Raymond
Bernard as a summary of the evidence. It is said that the outer crust goes down 800 miles and beyond that the planet is hollow.
Also the unanswered question : why are iceberg made of fresh water , when the only water available at the poles is sea water?There rare fresh
water rivers out of the inner Earth forming the fresh water icebergs.

Ray Palmer believed that UFOs came not from space ,they came from the inner earth(hollow earth).

There is an inner sun , clouds, animals, which in the winter migrate to the north, to where it's warmer.

so there are people living inside this same earth, in the hollow earth,
miles under our feet ,and we are not supposed to know about it,
wouldn't believe it either, but Admiral Byrd and witnesses were there to see it. Reality is stranger than fiction.
The Roman writer, GAIUS PLINIUS SECUNDUS, known as Pliny,
refers to underground peoples who had fled from Atlantis ,
also legends of the Inner Earth dwellers called the Troglodytes who, Pliny said, have hidden in their tunnels a great ancient treasure.
Wake the fuck up please. It is inconceivable that the earth is hollow. Do u even realize the insanity of this concept and how it would literally obliterate the chance of life on earth ??

Admiral byrd did go to antactica back in the late 40'ies to eliminate what was left of the nazis (google Neu Schwabenland) who went their after the war to establish their last hold-out. Byrds expidition was supposed to have lasted for three months. After 3 weeks he had to return with his tail behind his legs. The official story was that he was there to test new equipment. But u dont bring 3000 men to do that. The nazi's alledgedly developed UFO's and the historical evidense may be hard to believe, but it's overwhelming. In my oppinion the nazis found a thermal hotspot, ideally suited for an off premise, underground base. They had the time, technology and logistics to do all this. Did so and sent Byrd packing with superior technology.

Hollow earth, please...
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