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Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post
The only real way to solve the worlds problems is to sterilise everyone, and let the human race die out.

Useless bunch.

Nature would still be here, and every christmas the animals could live it out in peace, with total ignorance, and without vile materialism.

When you have vile countries like uk/usa/israel trying to dominate, you really got to think is why do humans even bother. What a vile trio of countries trying to dominate.

The only way to solve the worlds problems would be to sterilise the population everywhere, and let humans die of.

The earth would be better of.
Please see the clip by Ken O Keefe in page 25 called ''the cynic is the dictators best friend''

Also the following image is useful i think:

I don't think we should be down in the dumps about the state of the world because as this thread shows there are plenty of ideas and people to hook up with who are interested in those ideas and neither should we be delusionally optomistic lest we fall flat on our face

facing reality calmly, honestly, objectively and navigating our way through it with conscious awareness of the implications of things is, i think, the most responsible approach
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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