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Page 20- Campaigns to boycott Israeli goods for human rights abuses

The Americans’ awakening against Israel’s haemorrhaging of their tax dollars
9th September 2013

No Tax Dollars to Israel
No Tax Dollars To Israel is a project dedicated to ending US tax support to Israel.

Stop Billions to Israel
Stop Billions to Israel, according to its website,
advocates an end to the 10-year commitment of 30 billion dollars in US taxpayer-funded military aid pledged to Israel in 2007 by the Bush administration. To further our mission, we work to inform the public and our elected officials how the Israeli military misuses American-made weapons technology and violates human rights. We also shine a light on the support that New Mexico’s state government, defense contractors and institutions of higher learning provide to the Israeli defense establishment. Israel’s ongoing occupation and control over Palestinian territories – East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip – are illegal under international law and contribute to unceasing conflict and suffering. The Stop $30 Billion Coalition supports an end to the occupation and the establishment of justice and equality so that both sides can live in peace. Coalition organizations:

If American Knew
Perhaps the best known of the American awakening campaigns, If Americans Knew’s mission “is to inform and educate the American public on issues of major significance that are unreported, underreported, or misreported in the American media”.
Among these issues is the massive and ongoing bonanza of US tax dollars handed over to Israel, a criminal settler-state that has no regard for international law and civilized bahaviour, in perpetuity, it seems.

International Economic Boycott of Israel? Europe Explores Sanctions Against Companies Tied to Occupation
By Annie Robbins. Global Research, July 16, 2013, Mondoweiss 15 July 2013
Even though government minister, and occupation denier, Naftali Bennett has claimed that talk of boycotts against Israel is absurd, it seems other officials in Israel are in fact worried and there is growing “concern” over the possibility of an international economic boycott of Israel.
Investment committees for European banks are considering recommending their institutions bar loans to Israeli companies that have economic links with the Palestinian occupied territories. Check that wording, “economic links” — this ensnares many more businesses than those directly operating within the territories.Last week, Haaretz reporter Yossi Verter referenced this as “ the mother of all fears” a “nightmare scenario” and warned of an “economic tsunami”.

Crowd funded palestinean news channel

Lavrov backs the creation of a Palestinean state

Greece moves to back a palestinean state
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