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Originally Posted by serpentine View Post
To demolish a building of that size doesnt require weakening throughout the structure for it all to fall at free fall speed.

Would weakening just the top third and guiding the planes to the right spot at the right angle eventually do enough damage to generate an falling impact of a magnitude that the lower part of the structure was not designed to withstand?
The building was built in such a way the the lower sections were the strongest and things got progressivly lighter as it got taller.

If you notice the top half to a third of each tower remained intact and began falling in a solid lump, this was done to create a battering ram effect to compress the structures below and keep them going until the remaining cube was weakened flattening the metalwork left.

The key component was the outer framework which was left intact to act as a funnel to collect and control the majority of the debris.

The floors were the only concrete containing structures and would be ground up like a food processor turning to smaller and smaller secretions as they continued downwards which were blow all over the area.

The building was mainly a framework with flooring designed only to support office furniture and parfinalia, not strong enough for industrial apparatus which was all based at sub levels.

Ino the first attempt at damaging the towers the building was completely out of bounds to everyone and this was when I think the main preparations were made.

The sub levels were repaired but not so they were as they would have been originally.

This is where the bulk of the thicker supporting columns were gathered as the sub levels were blown out only moments before the imaginary planes hit or at the same time, the results of this are evident when you see the damage to the lobby area, which was predominantly air space up to the first floor level, thus creating a ready made void for the debris to collect, the sub levels and the lobby make up at least a hundred foot deep void to fill.

The explosives will have partly been powder based TNT's which makes them easy to fill the voids inside the main columns themselves.

Woods is a very clever manipulator, probably MK ultra comatosed and induced during her year out due to illness.

What she fails to mention is the actual height of the "Settled Debris Field", all pictures of this are shown from the top of it making it look like a platform at ground level, Does anyone know how high it actually was???

Her book is a biblia Pauperum of non facts using pictures to lead the minds eye, just like she does constantly during her lectures, where she diligently watches whilst asksing the audience where did the towers go, before giving them the answers via pictures which they could not possibly answer* she is supposed to be telling the people where they went, not asking them!

Hope that helps.
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