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Originally Posted by hokuspokus View Post
Your Croatia tip was a good one and means you are "in profit" so far.
If you are going to post betting tips in future maybe a good idea to post
a running profit\loss total ?
Should make it clearer next time and pick the 'bet of the day'. Here, I picked a selection which is 'information' for YOU to pick your favourite tip.

Probably should have told you these little things before but when I went for the anytime goal scorer - which keeps you interested for the whole game - the best player that I normally choose will most likely score the LAST goal for the team. And it is a bet that you could have and can do in future. In this final, Mbappe AND Mandzukic scored the last goal for their respective teams.

Most of the games ended 1-1 or 2-1, so would have got better odds for the first or last scorer.

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