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Also, if she was pregnant with Dody's child - as is widely speculated - that would have been another very powerful aspect of ritual sacrifice.

She knew that Charles was out to kill her, she knew how he would do it.

And, ultimately, she knew that there was no way she could stop it.

she tried to avert it by becoming the most famous woman in the world, considering that they would not dare to and suffer the back-lash.

Amazingly, they (the Royals) somehow managed to get through that storm.

She found a place in royal lineage because she was part of the family - her lineage can be traced back with a direct line to Henry VIII via the Boleyn family.

As can Charles's lineage, via his mummy Liz and the Queen Mother Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (ie Boleyn).

She was never able to escape that destiny - it was the plan that began 500 years before Diana was even born.

And, ultimately, she made herself into the sacrificial lamb by 'not going quietly into the night.'

It also stands as a testament to anyone else who considers crossing the Windsor's.

The Windsor's - aka the Tudor's because every single person who is in line to the throne has Henry VIII in their lineage. Including Queenie, and possibly even Philip - and that, as Paul Daniels might have said, is how you do Ritual.

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