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Arrow High Sun Lodge

Free Masonry first saw Light in China in the province of Guangzhou during the late 1700’s with the establishment of Amity Lodge No. 407, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of England, in 1767; and met regularly for 46 years until going into darkness in 1813; when for some unknown reason it’s charter was not renewed when the two Grand English Lodges united in London.

Upon the departure of Bro. R.F. Gould from China, In 1886, he says that there were in existence at Victoria (Hong Kong), and in the Chinese treaty ports : 13 English Lodges, 4 Scottish Lodges, 1 American Lodge and 1 Irish Lodge.

It should be mentioned that membership of Foregoing Lodges in China, had been mainly confined to specific Foreign Nationals by the Manchu Government and succeeding Governments, and it was not until 1930, when a group of American and Chinese Master Masons, all of whom had been raised abroad, decided to form a Lodge in Shanghai, for the purpose to bring Free Masonry to Chinese aspirants.

In 1997, Harmony Lodge No. 10 was chartered in Taipei and was followed 3 years later by High Sun Lodge No. 11, chartered in Taipei County.

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