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Originally Posted by clint_giles View Post
no its the same.
so why does it look different. Rick's oil looks black on the video, street bought 'hash oil' and even the stuff in photos from india is brown, golden or greenish, its light brown. and I know that hash is resin , not plant matter, and Rick does use plant matter in his oil , so I still disagree on this. can you explain why you think they are the same , giving sources for your understanding such as where you come across this oil, who made it, HOW they made it.

I'm not trying to 'win'; a point here, I just think it is VERY important to be clear about the oil in question as many folk seem to misunderstand. I do believe that this oil can fight tumors, i just want to get this info out and be definate about where the medicine is and how we can access it

why would Rick use the very hazardous method of boiling ethanol alcohol in his home if he could use a far simpler 'isolator' or 'ice water hash' method of resin extraction?

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