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Originally Posted by arcyclus View Post
The only thing I could figure is there were thousands returning form Vietnam awaiting orders and discharges? They didn't know what to do with us? They didn't want us all uniting and comparing notes on controversial issues concerning Agent Orange, Pows and MIAs, war crimes, and other pleasantries.
Makes sense I think. Everywhere you go people are most afraid of those they've taken something from or kept down...honest observation.

So this is how it works currently:

When you get discharged from the military, you are either administratively discharged or punitively discharged. The overwhelming majority of discharges are administrative and fall into one of three categories: honorable, general under honorable conditions, and other than honorable.
Was this how it worked back then?

A general discharge under honorable conditions is meant for those who generally performed honorably but had some problems. The most common reasons for a general discharge that I've seen are alcohol or drug abuse, excessive absences, Article 15 reasons and, occasionally, mental health problems.

The third type of administrative discharge, other than honorable, is equivalent to a bad-conduct discharge. It generally results in the loss of all veterans civilian employment preference and Veterans Affairs benefits.
What sort of behaviors typified the "bad conduct discharge?"
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