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Originally Posted by arcyclus View Post
Thanks fishonwheels,

If you are a combat Marine and the military no longer has a need for you, or your military occupation, you get fu#cked with. Simple as that. The ugliest part was the race baiting. From the very first day I left Vietnam until I exited the military, 9 months later, there was deliberate, and obvious race baiting. The mess halls were a spectacle of Blacks eating with Blacks and whites eating with whites. Roving agitators made sure there was racial disharmony on the base.
I remember you saying when still in Vietnam none of this was ever done, and race didn't get in the way of what you had to do. So why in your opinion was this done to soldiers waiting to get processed out?

I remember being fu#ked with all the time.

Another way to control you was drugs.

There wasn't to much else to do on base, except do drugs. The movie theaters and clubs seemed to always have something racial going on. I believe drugs were made easily available to Marines from the same people who brought us race baiting(military intelligence)?
As if civilians weren't doing drugs in those days.

It's a shame, many Marines were released from the military with Undesirable Discharges because of drug use. Any Discharge from the military other than an Honorable one, guarantees you a menial job, and the scorn of society, for the rest of you life.

It's a fu#king shame, good, brave, Marines who served their country well, were just chewed up and spit out like that.
And from what I understand most types of other than honorable discharges meant you could re-enlist if you wished?
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