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Originally Posted by entheogen View Post
I think the magnitude of Davids talk at this rally truly only hit me today

Following Bill Malloneys no holds barred speech - I thought David put what Bill said into some context by explaining how such evil is in place at the core of our system

He didnt mince his words either and illustrated perfectly the best way to defeat the system


Lets face it - the only other alternative is a pitchfork revolution - which right now is not required as their system is collapsing in on them and the cat is well and truly out of the basket

For 2 men to stand at the base of Nelsons Collumn - in the middle of Trafalgar Square and announce through a PA system to all listening that the establishment are involved in child abuse - inc the royals - takes some BIG balls

But further still - I thought to myself - how many people will watch this and think to themselves - why was this not on the news ?

Even with no prior knowledge of any of this - would a normal passer by not expect to see David / Bill arrested for their comments - and for their to be a story on the news regarding that perhaps

After all only till recently treason carried the death penalty

They said the revolution would not be televised - they were right

Withdraw your consent - I urge you - stand together and do not co-operate with this evil regime anymore

As David says - as Bill says - as Merlin says - as I am saying now - ENOUGH is ENOUGH
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