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Default Korea

So i just want to say.congratulations everyone.

Spend years decrying war and the negative effect of wars of agression carried out by the USA

And yesterday the president of the usa was attempting to negotiate peace between north and south lorea using econimic opportunity as the method

And where are the celebrations ?

Where is the nod of agreement that this is a better alternative to aggression ?

What shit do you have in your eyes that you cant wipe ot clean for a moment and put your weight behind a man trying to broker peace between north and south korea ?

For goodness sake

I think the truth is often completely ignored as it may put a little dent in peoples perception of their own conclusions


Well done to Donald Trump.for at least meeting with the leader of north korea and trying this method of co operation.

I support that direction for the future.

I would hope others could drop their stiff neck for a brief moment and encourage the man.

But i wont hold my breath.
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