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Originally Posted by agrona View Post
but he admitted hitting them with spoons. .so you don't believe Abe either now?
Think you have missed that confession. ...perhaps someone on HR will guide you to it.
Surely with all that 'coaching' AC would have got the children to remember to say that he had NOT abused them? What, too much for them to remember? True, he confessed to hitting them. However, in the latest podcast with AC and ED, he says that the police never interviewed him about hitting the children. The fact that he was outside RCJ in February shows that he was not wanted by the police for questioning or for anything else.

By the way, the boy said that his father, RD, hit him with a metal spaghetti spoon, stood on his foot with his whole weight, slapped him and sodomised him with a plastic willy. I know where I would begin investigations.

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