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Default Weaponising Mental Health: Prince William at Davos.

Now we know how they intend to control us; they are going to weaponise mental health and lower the threshold of what constitutes mental health so that they can "medicate"/"vaccinate" all of us. "Chemical Management" of the population;


Prince William is now talking about the importance of removing the stigma around mental health.

Since launching the Heads Together campaign, the Duke says, he regularly has people around the world thanking him -- because either they’ve been affected, or they know someone who has.

They’re just grateful that someone has made it easier to discuss these issues, he says, adding:

Ten years ago I knew nothing about mental health. I read about it, and became immersed in it, because it was a key social problem, globally, and someone had to burst the bubble.

The Prince now warns that the scale of the mental health problem is enormous.

We’ve got to start tackling it now, because there are still so many people who are suffering in silence.

There is still this stigma attached to mental health that we’ve got to completely obliterate before we can move to the next stage.

End of quote.
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