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I think that something more directly visable to newcomers, ie. ME, should be available.

If someone has a strong view on the world that we live in and finds themself awakening to some harsh facts as to what goes on in this world, they need to be walked, so to speak, into the reality of things.

When I first started viewing this forum, and many more besides, I was put off about certain subjects. Whether these subjects be true or not. Some people need to walk slowly into the water to get into the right temperature.

If, like me, someone has just woke to the basic facts of 7/7. They need to be viewing threads that they can comprehend. This is a learning curve for all, and one subject leads to another. Thus opening the eyes of the viewer to more subjects, without jumping in at the deep end.

Basically, people need more access to some form of guidance upon awakening. This would hopfully guide people to a better understanding, thus enabling them to spread the information easier. As it is, I know that there are many unanswered questions with regards 7/7, but have no definative route to take to educate myself more and then teach others.

(Although, 1 quick question in the general section lead me to more information)
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