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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Well what do you expect the guy in the video to say .. His job is in the climate change industry .... brainwashing kids about anthropogenic global warming ... No global warming and all these guys will be flipping hamburgers ... he may even believe it himself ....
Sorry not really, just a university bloke talking about his knowledge. Actually, his delivery requires concentration and thought.... if he was in the climate change industry, they would have employed a format which was more approachable...


All sea level increase predictions have failed to happen, so they fix the numbers ... It's a bare faced scam and the pushers of this like al gore and his business partner david blood have been handsomely rewarded , both making $Billions in personal wealth from this con ....

Not sure if you're arguing whether sea level is rising at all, or not rising as fast as predicted, but they most definitely are rising. Pacific islands already being abandoned. Perhaps this is another example where insufficient study leads to erroneous conclusions - the mass of water around the globe does not spread evenly and there are also local tidal effects. Just because New York isn't getting its toes wet yet, doesn't mean it won't... It definitely will.

Sorry, but Forbes isn't exactly an impartial source either, and that article... the logic of what this guy is saying seems muddled, seems to be saying several things at once.

On the subject of gaining from what someone is pushing,
Paul Beckwith asks for donations to his Paypal for his videos, as he is independent.

Curiously, Trump himself has been backtracking recently on the Paris agreement, saying that it is a possibility that it might be agreed on in the future. Not sure why he said that, but interesting nevertheless.

Whatever, I'm not with Paul Beckwith on climate change mitigation. The international panel on climate change is wrong, not wrong in the sense that most conspiracy theorists would have it (i.e. making it all up, or mostly up), but wrong in the sense that its progonostics are way too conservative.

But that's the way science works. Science works inch by inch, carefully, only agreeing the absolute minimum and certain. How to incorporate the albido effect?? (just one of many feedback effects) Truth is, we're on course to another extinction level event. This is observable in nature, where colonies of creatures boom, then bust. Same with us.

Happy Days!!
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