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Originally Posted by xeon View Post
One of my pastimes is to analyze web search trends. To me this is a much more accurate representation of what people globally are actually concerned with. And I don't see much of a change. Over here, iPad 2 was sold out in a few hours....

If we are all going to see the end of the Third Dimension, then there are only 179 days until Oct 28 (if I read it right). People should be searching for "conspiracy related" subjects in huge numbers. This forum should be having 500,000 members by now.....etc (if not a million).

The elite may have lost some control, but if anything, I think they were strengthened on April 29. I think the numerology experts can better decipher the date, but many of them think April 29 was a very significant date. And seeing so many people on the streets, millions watching on TV and some here on this board wishing them well - It's like they got an energy boost from it.

Of course, what Ambler is talking about is exactly the dilemma faced by all of us. I mean the monetary system. The elite own the monetary system and until that ends or significantly changes, how is anyone ("awake" or "non awake") going to break free?
exactly...the monetary system is the main control arm of the elite, its their source of power. its the death star in star wars...until that falls, i dont see any progress. and people have been predicting its death for years.
‎"people are basically just vehicles to create money, which must create more money to keep the whole thing from falling apart"
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