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Lightbulb Pomp & Circumstance

MARCH No 4 ..
The first four marches were all written before the events of World War I shattered that belief, and the styles in which wars were written about spurned the false romance of the battle-song..March No. 1 opens with an introduction marked Allegro, con molto fuoco..The bass tuba and full brass is held back until the section is repeated by the full orchestra..So what you have here is some kind of clock?.

Bloody Friday Documentary...

The target of the Official IRA bomb was the HQ of the 16th Parachute Brigade,elements of which had been involved in the Bloody Sunday shootings. Despite warnings, the 'open' garrison meant there was no security or controlled access to the camp..A Ford Cortina car containing a 280 pounds (130 kg) time bomb was left in the car park, deliberately positioned outside the officer's mess.. The bomb exploded at 12:40 pm on 22 February, destroying the officer's mess and wrecking several nearby Army office buildings..The soldiers who were the intended targets were not present, as the regiment itself was stationed abroad and most staff officers were in their offices rather than the mess. Nonetheless, se7en civilian staff were killed who were leaving the premises..On 23 February, the Official IRA issued a statement claiming that it had carried out the attack in revenge for Bloody Sunday.. It added: "Any civilian casualties would be very much regretted as our target was the officers responsible for the Derry outrages"..The Official IRA also said that the bombing would be the first of many such attacks on the headquarters of British Army regiments serving in Northern Ireland.. is never too late to be wise..And how should all men reflect, that when they compare their present conditions with others that are worse, Heaven may oblige them to make the exchange...
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