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Arrow Victor Charlie

The 27-year-old was among around 20 British troops and a small force of marines ferried by 2 Chinook helicopters to a village south of Nowzad in Helmand, on August 22, 2013..Joshua is a figure in the Torah, being one of the spies for Israel (Num 13–14)= (27) and identified in several passages as Moses' assistant..Joshua is a Biblical given name derived from the Hebrew Yehoshua (יהושע).. The name was a common alternative form of the name יֵשׁוּעַ – yēšūă which corresponds to the Greek spelling Iesous, from which, through the Latin Iesus, comes the English spelling Jesus...


In the National Socialist Wehrmacht, the Parachutist Badge was first established by order of HermannGöring on November 5, 1936.. It was originally awarded to soldiers of the Luftwaffe after completion of parachute training and the required number of jumps.. The badge depicted a diving eagle with a swastika in its claws surrounded by a silver wreath. It was worn over the left breast pocket..An army version was later introduced, with the swastika relocated to the top of the wreath and surmounted by a smaller upright eagle..Established September 1, 1937..The German Parachutist Badge was eventually changed to its current design in 1956, depicting a parachute falling in the sky surrounded by a ring of oak leaves on wings..This badge is worn over the right breast pocket..In the Bundeswehr the badge has 3 levels...

September-A French military leader tells the British that "a veritable forest of guns" over the Maginot Line will prevent the German Luftwaffe from intervening in a land war between France and Germany\1 – Supported by 250 aircraft, Spanish Nationalist forces begin an offensive against Republicans in Asturias. The absence of the Condor Legion, which is deployed in Aragon, is felt; Nationalist progress is slow for the first 6 weeks – Air Canada, Canada's largest airline, begins operations/2 – The Great Hong Kong Typhoon kills an estimated 11,000 persons\5 – Spanish Civil War: The city of Llanes falls to the Falangists/7 – CBS broadcasts a 2-and-a-half hour memorial concert nationwide on radio in memory of George Gershwin, live from the Hollywood Bowl\10 – Nine nations meet in the Nyon Conference, led by the UK and France, to address international piracy in the Mediterranean/17 – Abraham Lincoln's head is dedicated at Mount Rushmore\19 – Swiss professional ice hockey club HC Ambrì-Piotta founded/21 – George Allen & Unwin, Ltd. of London publishes the first edition of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit\22 – Imperial Japanese Navy Mitsubishi A5M ("Claude") fighters conduct a successful campaign to eliminate Chinese air resistance over Nanking/25 – Second Sino-Japanese War: Battle of Pingxingguan: The Communist Chinese National Revolutionary Army defeats the Japanese\27 – The last Bali tiger dies...

"The pen is mightier than the sword" is a metonymic adage indicating that communication, or in some interpretations, administrative power, is a more effective tool than direct violence.."The poor bloody infantry.. Dead right.. That's what we were.. For 1/6d a day"..A Cup 'O Tea and a Slice 'O Cake... go out into the street and hire me a horse.. Hire you a horse?. For ninepence?. On Jewish New Year in the rain?. A bare fortnight after the dreaded horse plague of Old London Town?. With the blacksmith's strike in its 15th week and the Dorset Horse Fetishist's Fair tomorrow?..

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