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Originally Posted by white light View Post
Waves trolled me. I have a right to reply. I rarely use the word troll. He made the accusation first, ironically as part of his trolling of me.

There are so many inconsistencies in what he writes I hardly know where to begin half the time.

Like for instance, I haven't yet mentioned that he originally disowned the "Corbyn insists" quote, saying that a staff writer wrote it. And now a day later he's proudly "owning" said quote in an attempt to "prove" that what he says is right all the time. Wrong!!!! Jeez. What a dweeb.

It’s like he has no concept of what truth means. What is the truth of it?

The caption accompanying the article he linked to stated “Corbyn insists” on a second referendum. There was nowhere in the article that stated that “Corbyn insists” on a second referendum.
That is the truth. I pointed out this truth. Am I not allowed to post or point to truth on the DIF? According to whom? Well according to Waves I was lying and trolling. As such, according to him, stating the truth on DIF is lying and trolling.

Like for instance, he’s yet to explain how taking a Bill Gates quote (that is perfectly consistent with Gates’s CO2 Emissions / Climate Change argument) out of context equates to genocide. Personally I don’t believe the CO2 Emissions / Climate Change argument because I’ve witnessed first hand the weather change in supernatural ways, but that doesn’t mean that Gates doesn’t believe it and speaks in context of his stated beliefs upon it. I don’t know. But the vaccines / "depopulation" quote is perfectly consistent with Gates’s reasoning and in no way suggests anything untoward. What is untoward is taking the quote out of context, pretending that the context doesn’t exist, and making accusations of genocide. Needless to say, if the rich were to take the population down to zero (as stated in the genocide "accusation") all the benefits of being rich would disappear. Who's gonna make their yachts and private jets for them? And if they are inter dimensional parasitic entities, then they will all die too 'cos there won't be any people's energy to harvest. Waves has yet to address my comments upon any of this. All he has done is blustered and changed the subject.

Like for instance, he accuses me of being a “Progressive” based upon which people I have favoured giving “likes” to on the forum. By his “guilt by association” logic that would make him “Far Right” as he and De Gopher / Firewand (a self confessed unabashed Far Right supporter) have swapped hundreds, maybe thousands of “likes” and consistently supported each other's arguments (and that’s just one example). As for myself I don’t need to be a Progressive to criticise Waves or the Far Right. Indeed, any accusation of “Progressive” appears to be a Far Right tactic to attempt to silence any opposition to the Far Right, from any quarter. And that’s probably closer to the truth than any Progressiveness from me. I am against extreme Progressives and the Far Left as much as I am against the Far Right. My attitude is that it's all a mad circus. I believe my post history on the forum shows this to be so. When I asked for proof of my so called "Progressiveness" all he could cite was the fact that I argue with him, and that this somehow makes me a Progressive. Jeez. What a dweeb.

As Waves is a prolific poster here, I suggest that some strutiny of his attitude toward truth be advised.

Btw, some good threads have low ratings and some crap threads have high ratings, imo. I've never given ratings nor heeded them.

Lol wut

I think its the latter, one or both of you guys were just in the mood for a spat so you chose to do it in the thread with the most negative energy all ready
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