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Alex Jones is a remarkable individual. A true hero, and i use this term not being a fan of pathos. And his morality is outstanding. I know of no other character that is as morally refined as Alex is. At least intellectually, but also from what i was able to publicly observe. He treats everyone with respect as far as it goes. Never belittling others.

His "debating style" seems repulsive to people who are in a domesticated/pacified/lobotomized hypnotic trance state. It's like yelling at someone who's falling asleep/waking up.

And that's why he does it. What is exactly what needs to be done.

And of course because he's outerworldy knowledgeable and slowed down by ...well almost everyone else. Brimming over with facts. What leads to him interrupting people. But time is life in these times as he perceives it, so he has the moral justification for this ..somewhat impolite behaviour. And he's the host of a national radioshow with 3million listeners a day, you can't have an easy going chat with such a person.

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And he is Bill Hicks.
IF he was, would that make him anything else but twice as good? Besides not being honest about his identity. Bill Hicks was a very successful activist for good.
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