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Originally Posted by reiki123 View Post
My Reiki friend, Heather, and I were at the sacred stone circle of Stanton Drew, near Bristol, this morning at 9.30am and sent Reiki to planet Earth. It felt great to know we were linking up with others who were focussing on the Earth all round the planet. I will be there every morning at the same time! David Icke is an incredible person with vast knowledge of Truth that can bring about enormous change. I salute him. Namaste
Well done sounds like you had a great morning maybe you can get this going on any reiki sites you know about? I think we need to get a poster and get as many people involved as possible.

Maybe you could write some tips to help people who are new to meditation, maybe a short guilde on sending out energy and possitive intent? Or maybe some evidence of the power of reiki for those who may not be so sure that this stuff works? Just a idea if you feel this could benifit people.
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