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Originally Posted by tinmenace View Post

I love to admire beauty, whether it be in nature or art. For me, humans are no different. I can spend hours watching people. None of my boyfriends or my (two) husbands looked alike. I don't go for a look. I find that I'm attracted to people that I can learn from, that aren't wired for cruelty, and that can make me laugh.

So, yeah, we can all appreciate beauty, but it's not a guarantee that it's beautiful on the inside.

I think the people you described got trapped in the 3D version of themselves.

The good news is that once all the lower energies are gone, people will be much nicer to themselves, each other and to the planet and all her inhabitants. It's going to be a really wonderful thing, eventually. It will get worse before it gets better, but it will get better and then we will all be beautiful

Yes, i am the same way. i love and appreciate beauty. but loving and appreciating beauty is one thing , and taking beauty as value compared to their being is another. a more physically beautiful person doesn't equal more valuable. and that is what we are conditioned to think. beauty=value, and thats just so wrong.
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