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I've been gradually working my way through the DS9 series and am up to seson 7, currently watching the episode "Treachery, Fzith and the Great River." This has perhaps the biggest hint yet that Roddenberry knew exactly what is going on.

One of the Vorta clones, Weyoun 6, serants of the shapeshifting "Gods" that are waging war against the solids (humanoids0 related the development of this people. He tells a story of a shapeshifting alien that is being pursued by some solids and is given sanctuary by a Vorta family. At this point they are "just primivite primates living in trees." In gratitude for the sanctuary the shapeshifter promises to elevate the species to a position of power in a gret empire. In the process the encode the Vorta DNA to ensure the shapeshifters are seen as gods.

Dont know about yo but that sounds like other shapreshifting aliens that we know of who have tampered with the DNA of other primates and declared themselves gods, sending us off to fight their wars.
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