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December 2 , 2007


The deep digging bulldozer is still working its way forward, as we excavate more and more of the parts of ourselves that need tweaking, releasing, and examining.

Through all of this deep movement, there is a theme present, and a sure and certain purpose.

We are being prepared for community living. And we are purging and releasing arrogance.

So even though these times may be stressful, challenging, and stretch us to the maximum, they would not be occurring if community living was not on the very near horizon, and if we were not, as always, aligning more fully with Source.

In order to live successfully in community, we must fit. The energies and vibrations of each and every one of us must be able to exist in harmony with a community lifestyle. We are being groomed and prepared for community living because so much of the old world and old systems will be falling away and will end in the very near future. In this way, we can now know that all is always in divine and perfect order, as we are always and most certainly being protected and guided through this amazing ascension process.

Symptoms and manifestations?

The squeezing is still present, as much that is not in harmony or a vibrational match for a higher way of living and being is being squeezed out and removed. In this way, we are being strongly encouraged to drop behavior patterns, tone down others, and adopt new ones. Community living means being able to exist in a group setting. So, much of anything that does not vibrate within this theme needs to go or be revised.

For example, are you one who cares so much and is so responsible that you do most of everything…for yourself and everyone else? If this is the case, you will be asked to do less, to relax and enjoy yourself more, and to let others step up to the plate. Are you one who sits back and relaxes already? If this is so, you will be asked to contribute more and to let others relax more, and you are one who can show them how to do it!

As mentioned in the last energy alert of November 28, we will encounter situations and people in our lives who will illuminate strongly and beautifully where we need to tweak our own individual energies. These encounters will make us so miserable, that we will not be able to ignore them for long! They have wonderful messages for us, if we choose to examine them and to embrace the changes that we need to make within us.

The areas where we are miserable are there to show us that a change needs to be made. We can ask ourselves, “What would feel really good for me right now?” “What am I craving?” And then give up, surrender, and allow it to come into our lives. More about this later on.

If the “squeezing,” pressure, and feelings of overwhelm become too much to bear, here are some temporary remedies: When energy moves through us very strongly and intensely, it can greatly help to relax. This allows the energy a more easy flow. So then, we can do whatever works for us in regard to relaxing and letting go. We can sing, walk in nature, watch a good movie, hug a tree, take a few days off and get pampered, remove ourselves from the mainstream, get a massage, or simply do some yoga. We are all different with different solutions for relaxing, so just go with your favorite or ask for a new one.

In addition, this squeezing is creating a natural detoxification within us as well. Body and muscle aches, headaches and sinus pressure, extreme fatigue and exhaustion, are but a few of the most common symptoms. For me, I feel as though there is a poison within me that is aching to get out. It literally hurts everywhere. We can then drink lots of water, eat light and healthy, move our bodies, and do whatever else we are familiar and comfortable with that supports a detox. None-the-less, we are still feeling this great transmutation within us, as many of our cells are literally reconfiguring.

And after much progress has been made, we usually go into the exhaustion phase. It is a massive process and can really take a toll. But when most of this transmuting has been accomplished (for this particular phase!), we will find ourselves on new turf, in a new reality, and now more securely and harmoniously wired for our next adventure. Each of us is different, and therefore the timing for this process is different as well.

We are releasing much now as we have arrived at a new and higher vibrating reality and must now match it as much as possible. This brings us to the arrogance.

When we were residing in a lower dimension (I choose not to refer to dimensional numbers, as I personally do not believe in them. I believe we reach higher and higher vibrating hierarchies, and dimensional labels exist in the old 3D frame of reference. They simply have no place in a higher vibrating existence), we were not as connected to Source as we are now.

In this way, we relied more and more on ourselves to make things happen, and to understand how things worked. Now that we are moving into higher vibrations, we begin to see things differently, and to process and exist differently.

In the lower dimensions, we did much ourselves. If we wanted something to happen, it was up to us to make it happen. We did not know much about helping and assisting either. And we also perceived much and ran our energies much in a way that related to “us,” or our ego selves which was much more removed from the whole. Many of us “helped” without being asked. Our help was not needed. We did not know better. We took charge where we did not need to. And in this way, Source could not even find us, as we were somewhere else…we were not present…we were making things happen…we were not sitting still….we were moving our energy from an ego mind set.

As we are now ascending and expanding in our spiritual awareness, we can see more clearly how our ego selves, or our arrogance, came into play, but no longer needs to. We may then, recently have had dreams relating to an arrogant situation within ourselves that left us feeling terrible guilt (many times we release through dreams), or may even feel self loathing or guilt in our everyday lives while we are processing and letting go of an arrogance we no longer need.

We are purifying as always, and releasing the arrogance is part of our preparation for community living. In community living, the whole is vitally important. We cannot exist without the whole, and each and every one of us is vitally important to the success of the whole. So then, arrogance comes from things being our idea, and not as much an idea that stems from our connection to Source.

When I recently moved to these new lands in New Mexico, I really got my rear end kicked. And it all came from the higher realms in preparation for community…not from any experience of becoming involved with community, as I have not gotten that far yet. My role needed to integrate harmoniously with the whole. I was not on my own. I needed to adjust my energies…the energies I had utilized in order to survive in the old reality. This is true for each of us now. We are being prepared. Our old patterns of survival are being tweaked and adjusted for community living.

These lands where I now reside hover over a hidden power spot, ready to be released, as it is time, but it is not up to me to consciously open up this new (or ancient) energy. We are just here to enjoy ourselves. Allowing our gifts and passions to emerge in harmony with the whole. That is enough. This power spot will decide to do what it wants to all by itself. As the residents of our community continue to share their gifts and talents, connect with Source, and embody their joy and passion in a responsible way, these energies will merge with the great pyramid under our feet and it will open very naturally.

One occurrence and evident reality of higher and community living? We need to be asked and invited. I wrote a section about this in Stepping Into the New Reality (it still is not out yet…pretty soon it will be, I imagine. Ugh!). So what does that mean?

Phil and I were literally asked to move here. It was seemingly not our idea. Individuals we did not know literally came to Springerville and asked us to come, and they did not know us either. And then the energy really grew about being here. We really had to think about it, as we did not want to really move right then.

A few days ago, I was on the Zuni reservation, and noticed that the energetic doors were closed there. Why? Because I had not been asked to be there yet. And even when we finally moved here, I still had to go through certain higher realms (or non-physical protocol) that involved integrating and being asked. So far, Phil and I have been asked to become involved in certain things here, and they are just coincidentally all about our own individual passions, gifts, and contributions.

When I wrote my first book, people were asking me for it before I wrote it. There was a demand before it was written. These are situations of like energy attracting like energy. There will be a demand for who we are and what we have to offer, and it will culminate and meet up with the perfect creation, or our contribution.

This is true for finding our community as well. Many are asking most recently now, where there are communities growing. They want to know where they belong. This is because it is finally time for the communities to begin, as we need to be safe, secure, and living fully when the old world crashes. All is in order. We intuitively know what is next, as our souls are guiding us.

My 25 year old daughter Ari now lives in North Carolina. She and her family are hitting many roadblocks there now, although they have lived there for almost ten years. It is time for her to move. She likens it to a heart that is no longer receiving blood as its arteries are now clogged up. No supports, no energy, no success there for her right now. After struggling profusely with trying to find a new home, with no success, she finally decided something was up. And totaling her new car was another message for her as well.

So this week-end we talked about it again. It is a big decision for her, as she has children and a husband who has lived there his entire life. She has now accepted the fact that it is time to move. But where? She did what she has always done…she wrote down what she wants in a new community….wrote it all down in great detail. Then she waited. She waited for the signs to arrive.

She started seeing Arizona license plates everywhere. Then a man from Arizona State University kept calling her. She had inquired at one point about school there, but he was not calling her about school. He was simply inviting her to come to Arizona. She was being asked. All the pieces are not there for her yet, but in time, it will all become clear. Totally seemingly in the dark and not knowing where in the world they now belonged, the energy is slowly building in one direction.

We cannot go where others are going because it sounds like a great place (even though sometimes it may just be the place, if we get more signs as well). This is because there is a really great place somewhere that is just for us…a perfect fit for who and where we are now vibrating. We attract to ourselves what we are in alignment with. When we ask for a “sign,” or allow Source to guide us, what we are really doing is guiding ourselves as we are indeed Source. When we let go and surrender, get out of the way, and just relax, then our connection to Source becomes ever so much greater.

It is not Source that is guiding us…it is us. It is our soul and the higher version of us that is now being allowed through the gates…easily accessible now, as we attract to us who we are at the highest levels. Everything then, is actually our own idea, but this is not arrogance, this is the purified and true version of who we are.

When we let go of the arrogance, or the pushy, make things happen, our ego idea part of ourselves, then our own idea really does arrive, only we do not have to do all the leg work, figure anything out, or hold tightly. And it is our own idea that is in alignment with our souls. It is then, our soul’s idea.

We all have arrogance. We were supposed to. It kept us alive in the denser and lower vibrating energies. Becoming exhausted and too tired to do anything, greatly assists in allowing Source to enter more fully. Many of the times I moved, I never really knew why I was going where I was going. I was not that savvy or consciously connected at that level. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. We ended up in our new home because we were being evacuated from our homeland (as a cleansing was due to arrive), as were our Mogollon ancestors before us. All that really matters, I believe, is that we do what feels good to us…that we make decisions and take actions from a place of love and caring…and that we know that we are always guided and protected by our souls.

If you are one who is experiencing transition and great change, with need of support, I am pleased to announce a new service being offered by my sister-in-law Sherri Bishop. Sherri has had many years of training and experience assisting others through energy readings and personal coaching, and is now offering a very new kind of service called Soul Chat Connections. If ever I find myself in need of some support or clarity, she is the person I call. No matter what she says, I always feel oh so much better after we talk…and always empowered! She simply embodies the energy of support, caring, and uplifting guidance. For a limited time, Sherri is excited to be offering my readers the opportunity of experiencing a Soul Chat Connection at a reduced price of $50 for a one hour session. This offer will be effective until February 14th, 2008. To find out more about what she does and how she may assist you in a soul to soul chat, please visit her website at

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,

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