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'Reptiles' are a construct in which subversive groups within military intelligence enfold their psychopathic behaviour. What people have failed to note about psychotronic pulse waves is the capacity to jack up their own brains through the roof. Antisocial psychopaths with the ability to turn on an amphetamine response in their own brains...what do you think the result is going to be? Carnage. The reptile underground idea simply points right at them; underground bases.
An investigative mindset is helpful;
- we know these stories are produced by factions in military intelligence
- the stories will be giving out what is known as 'tells'
- what are the tells...look for themes
- reptiles; back of brain; psychopathic; cold; calculated; short sentence structure brain; computer goes on a bit. However it directly suggests 'killing.'
- reptiles underground; means underground bases.
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